Goodmove was founded by Mike Kirk in 2017 with the vision of helping SME consumer goods brands optimize the supply / operations side of their business. Specifically, our focus lies at the intersection of operations and technology (integrations, process optimization, automation, dashboards, KPIs, intelligence). We create 100% custom solutions for each client based solely on their way of operating. No two brands are the same and existing market solutions continue to fail due to treating all brands alike.

We feel the strongest brands emerge by building products consumers love and they are most often run by a small, dedicated team. We are driven by enabling that team. And in today's world, demand can literally be generated overnight via direct-to-consumer channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Go to bed and poof, you have a brand, or a new sales channel, or a new offshore market opportunity. Working with these emergent brands is our passion and our technical expertise is a catalyst for growth!

With 20+ years experience and having sold two previous companies in the CPG space (3rd party warehouse and lite ERP platform), Mike and the team at Goodmove are providing the brands of tomorrow with a solution that is truly game-changing.


Flawless Global Operations for Consumer Goods Brands


To streamline systems and drive business performance.

End Results


Exceptional day-to-day
operations + execution

Advanced processes + systems
that scale globally

Client specific solutions that
proactively monitor brand health

A unified view of operations
at your fingertips

We Stand For


Above all else we are loyal. Our word is bond and we put the best interest of the brands we serve first. We understand that business has to be win-win and if that is out of line it's an open conversation. There are no games and no bullshit. If the pieces don't fit then we aid our clients in getting to a place where they do fit. Even if it means losing business - always doing what's best for each brand is at the core of who we are.

We wear our heart's on our sleeves and like to have a good time. That doesn't mean we have issues taking business serious. When it is time to step up we are genuine, honest and come through. At our core is our word and if we commit to getting things done, we get them done. We believe in action and doing, along with smiling. Shit is going to happen - it's a fact - but it's how we respond and treat one another that is next level.

Transparency and owning our tech stack is at the heart of our business. We are reliable and always-on, ready to jump in and get our hands dirty. We like to think of our business as an engaged employee for every brand we have the honor of serving. We're a highly capable employee that specializes in a ton of geeky stuff - integrations, data science and visualization, supply chain strategy, process optimization and so much more.

We are nerds at heart and are fueled by a constant desire to improve. Our curiousity takes us into a wide range of different technologies and we have very unique perspectives that inform the way we design and architect solutions based on each client's needs. From QR codes on beer cans to building an AI named Carl there is always a new perspective emerging from our team that drives your brand forward.